May. 23rd, 2014 07:40 am
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LOL. I cannot believe it's been almost a year since I was here! I just got notification from Tumblr that I've been there a year too.

o.O Okay, I'm scarily taking on traits of Mr. Oliver and that... That's kind of not good. I mean, some of them are great, but the forgetfulness, the loss of time, erm...loss of a few memories? Yeah, well, I guess I could say God wiped them out for me to save me grief? Probably true, that.

Have you watched any PR or um...is it still on? I totally dropped out of this fandom and pretty much all others. Just started dipping my toes into Tolkien again (mostly the writing, not the fandom. Because yo, that fandom? Is nuts. Certified Blue Diamond in the bag...nuts), going back to roots of stories I started ten years ago.

So it's all about getting reconnected for me now. Back to what *I* liked before I let myself get confused.

I do now, and always shall, love the first PR movie. I'll be 80 (with God's grace) and still cheering on that team.

Have you written more on your stories?? I know, you have a right to be wary of me, and not want to talk about them. :) Totally understand that. Forgive me if I blather here about writing. It's pretty darn amazing to me that I'm excited again about putting words together. I honestly thought that was dead and gone.

Date: May. 24th, 2014 12:02 pm (UTC)
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Some things do need to be forgotten, or at least dulled, if we're meant to go on healing. Though I admit that scares me, because my grandfather died of Altimeter's, I've seen signs of it in my mother, and--yeah, no, don't want to go there.

So on the bright side I will say that I've also managed to learn and grow through some of my characters, which maybe I should be past doing at my age, but so what, it works.

Not writing PR as fic anymore, mostly because the only person who'd be interested in reading my version of the world is the person who RPs it with me. Still write supplements for it though, especially as we've cut back on the amount of time spent on it. But at this point the focus is more on our OCs, playing in a world where most of what we're doing wouldn't be possible without the Rangers, so they are still a backbone presence, with Tommy and Will still actively involved. Currently, magic is on the rise, and the question is whether or not to "reveal" it to the public like they did themselves. Lots of dangers inherent in that, between religious groups, politicians, and hate groups--but it might be their only chance to shape people's perceptions, and provide protection for the people touched by magic, let alone the few magi that exist. (Currently, there's only one, and his abilities were unlocked by Zordon.) I'm actually really pleased with it, but it'd never work in a story.

I did do another video but it's totally the OCs, so won't bore you with it. But I was pleased with it. Want to do another, lack footage. Do have an idea for a very complex one, but am too daunted/lazy to attempt it.

I'm still not watching the current PR shows, because I just can't connect with them. I will watch the Legacy War episode(s), because I'm curious to see how they handled it, and hey, Tommy's back, however briefly. Very, very wary of the PR movie, whether it's shot in continuity or as a reboot or what. :/ I'm glad I have my own canon at this point.

I should be writing about video games, but these days I spend more time reading about them. The user-run blog hosted by the site that I ultimately want to work for... they've gotten very professional about things, which should be good, right? And they're all very nice. Except, if you're not part of the "inner circle" (that they claim doesn't exist), it can feel very patronising and/or judgey. So after being given my authorship and everything I could have wanted, I'm now reluctant to write for them, and becoming moreso all the time. Catch is, if I want to get posted on the main site, that's my best chance, and that IS the site I want to work for, rather than any other, so-- *sigh* Yeah. Mostly research for something that's not written, but hey, I'm very knowledgeable in my chosen field?

I talk too much. :P Sorry for the info dump.

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